Thai Foot massage

I visited Bangkok twice in the summer of 2005. If you are ever there, get a foot massage for about $7-8/hour. Most of the massage is on the feet, but they work the shins and upper legs a little. Some of the massage was soft, other parts reminded me to smile and breathe in order to endure the discomfort. The masseuse took a stick and poked my feet and toes in numerous tender spots (or maybe they were tender because they were poked:)

During my first foot massage, I looked up at the wall and noticed a small lizard walking. It stopped, raised its tail, excreted a small black pellet, and continued to walk. That was totally weird!

The next foot massage I had was at the Bangkok airport. The masseuse took me to a chair and went to get towels and a tub of water to wash my feet. The masseuse at the next chair motioned for me to take a different chair. Her customer was a middle-aged oriental man who was sleeping during his foot massage and intermittently snoring loudly He continued to snore during the course of my 45 minute massage. Many of the other customers and masseuses were smiling and giggling. I was laughing so hard I was crying. New customers would come in and get the most silly look on their face as they looked for the source of the noise. Another customer mildly amused me by using a laptop computer during his massage.

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