London- May 2004

I visited London for 10 days, staying in the Knightsbridge area. Hyde Park, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and the London Underground were all a short walk. Harrods has a supermarket, with many deli items priced from 3.5 GBP/100 g, mushrooms for 100 GBP/kg, and broccoli for 4 GBP/kg. I took the tube everywhere around town, as it is very efficient.

The Theatre At the Leicester Square tube station, you can purchase theatre tickets at half price for that evening’s performances + a 2 GBP serivce fee. So, I saw the Jerry Springer (JS) Opera, my first exposure to the London theatre. It is a mix of the awful JS TV show and opera. Imagine a man with a wonderful voice portraying a guest on the JS TV show wearing a suit and singing to his wife he wants to be her baby. She sings you are my baby. He sings I really want to be your BABY. He then tears off his suit, and is wearing nothing but a huge white cloth diaper. He then proceeds to sing It might seem pathetic, it might show a lack of class, I only feel the real me when the shit is pouring out my ass. It turns out he has a pooping in his pants fetish, too! I saw Bombay Dreams next. It was a beautiful production, full of fancy props, and nice dancing as well.

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