Paris- April 2004

Paris is a wonderful city to visit. I saw

  • The Louvre- The Mona Lisa is a famous painting of an ugly woman, and you need a Segway or bicycle to see everything as the place is so large.
  • Seine river tour
  • Chateau tour- This was a 13 hour 1 day tour that took me 2-3 hours outside of Paris to visit 3 castles. Chenonceau spans a river, and Chombard is so huge you need a map to make sure you see all the rooms. It also has much 18th century art that enters my spirit. It depicts dogs hunting foxes and wild boar. Pictures are in the gallery.
  • Segway tour- Riding one of these machines is an amazing experience. As it senses your balance to control fore & aft movement, it is eerie how this machine blends with your intentions. If you try to go too fast, it starts to tilt you backwards to tell you to shift your balance. This is because its ability to accelerate is limited, and it keeps the last 20% of accelerative ability in reserve to prevent you from falling on your face! They spent 20-30 minutes teaching us to ride in a calm, safe area, and then took into the streets, traffic, and sidewalks of Paris.
  • Eiffel Tower- There is a very nice view at the top. You can save a about 3 EUR if you take the stairs to the 2nd floor, then take the lift. It helps to burn off some of the Paris cuisine!
  • Buddha Bar & B Fly- If you search at or comparable place, you can find Chill Out/Lounge/Down Tempo music under these names. The B Fly is a sushi bar, and the Budda Bar is a fancy restaurant with a Budda about 12 ft high. Both play nice chillout music.
  • La Defense Grand Arche- This is a very modern part of Paris. There is a lot of modern architecture and skyscrapers that were a welcome relief after more than a week of seeing old bulidings.
  • Notre Dame- This is a beautiful church, and the climb to the roof to see the bell is exhausting. There was a placard that said Quasimado could not have rung the bell by himself because it weighs over 10,000 lbs. The inside is filled with stained glass.

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